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Working in collaboration with Tom Gottelier with the expert help of boat builder Will Reed and programmer Jonas Jongejan we wanted to create an experience rather than just a seat for the exhibition “Out of the Woods: Adventures of 12 Hardwood Chairs” at the Victoria & Albert Museum. The exhibition was Curated by Harry Richardson (Committie) and Sebastian Wrong (Esablished & Sons) with the aim of developing a life cycle analysis of every project in the exhibition for AHEC. 

We did not want to design just another chair and achieved this by designing a boat that will carry a single passenger in comfort on a pre-determined journey punched into a smart phone, that will then drive the propulsion system. There is no rudder, simply two small motors set to either side of the boats keel controlled by the boats computer and GPS.
The boat has been built in marine ply and veneered in American cherry, chosen both for its high strength-to-weight ratio and for its colour, which will darken in sunlight. The keel is in American white oak, which is both durable and heavy.

At 2.4m long and 950mm wide, the boat is small but quite large enough to offer a haven in which to drift meditatively across the water.

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Autonomous Boat

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